48% of supply will go towards the presale of $DODO

Liquidity Pool

32% will go towards the liquidity pool

Vested Project Wallet

15% will go to the Vested Project Wallet

Events & Marketing

5% will go to marketing and giveaways!


Just like dodos, $Dodo stands out in its own unique way. While it might not have wings, it has the crypto community flapping with excitement – a rare and distinctive trait!⭐

As much as we’d love to help locate your keys, $Dodo’s expertise lies in the world of cryptocurrency. It won’t find your keys, but it can certainly help you find laughter!

While $Dodo won’t transport you through time, investing in it can feel like discovering something extraordinary – much like stumbling upon a new species. It’s a unique experience in the modern digital era!

We can’t promise graceful waddling lessons, but $Dodo can certainly add a skip to your step when you embrace the world of crypto. Just remember, in the crypto world, it’s not about waddling – it’s about soaring! (or trying to)

Ah, the future of $Dodo is as promising as a dodo in a field of endless breadcrumbs! We’re gearing up for exponential growth, expanding our ecosystem, and evolving to make $Dodo a feathered force to be reckoned with in the crypto world!